Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of your program?

The cost of our instruction is set by each county recreation department. Since we provide instruction in community centers and schools, our overhead is very low. This allows for the most reasonably priced program in our area. You only pay for a session at a time. There are no contracts to sign. You pay as you go. Sessions generally run between 8-14 weeks depending on the county schedule, and the sessions run year round. 

You can learn more by reading additional information about our classes in Howard County, Montgomery County, or Prince Georges County, or by Contacting Us.

What ages do you teach?

Our classes are split into youth classes and adult classes. The youth classes are for students who range from 6 to 12 years of age. The adult classes are for students 13 and up. 

How do I get started?

Depending on the county you live in, you can sign up online through the Howard County Parks & Recreation web site, or in Montgomery County by using the Active Montgomery web site, or in PG County by using SmartLink

Just show up on your first night in comfortable clothing that you can work out in and we'll help you with the rest. 

Do I need a special outfit or uniform?

Uniforms are called “gis” and come in 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blend. Students may wear gis as soon as they start classes and your instructor can help you with uniform purchases. You may also stop by our store. You can go several weeks without a karate gi (uniform) but, quite often, there is a discounted price if you purchase your uniform in the first few weeks of class. The student must have a uniform before their first exam or first tournament. In any event, try out the class and make sure that you like our school and that you want to stick with the program. If you decide that we're a good fit, that would be the time to start thinking about getting a uniform.   

Do you provide the uniform?

The cost of the uniforms varies, depending on size and material, and it will be an additional charge. You can buy the uniform through us. Your instructor can help you with uniform purchases, or, you can stop by our store

How long before I get to be a black belt?

This will depend, to a large extent, on how much you practice outside of class, how many classes you attend, and how well you can incorporate changes to what you currently do. This timeline will be different for everyone involved as each student begins from a different starting position and learns at a different pace. However, as a general rule, you can assume that it will be at least five years before you become a black belt. This will be one of the most rewarding accomplishments in any person's life and will not end upon obtaining a black belt. You will find that there is always more to learn, and more that you can do to improve what it is you've already learned. 


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