Your Uniform

Your Uniform

Tying Your Belt


tying your belt


Tie belt as square knot, right over left, then left over right. When tied properly, the ends of the belt should hang approximately 12 inches past the knot. If your ends hang shorter or longer by a few inches, it is fine.

Fold the belt in half to find the center of the belt. Place the center of the belt at the front of your body at waist level. Wrap each end of the belt around your back and bring the ends to the front. Lay the right end over the left end and tuck the right end under the center of the belt at your waist. Pull the ends of the belt in the opposite direction (now the right end is on your left side and the left side is on the right side). Loop the left end of the belt over and under the right end of the belt, pull in opposite directions and tighten. Do not twist the belt while you are tying it. 

Trimming your belt:  

If you feel you have too much length on the ends, you can trim your belt. To trim your belt, determine how much extra length you have by tying the belt and measuring the length of each end from the knot to the end. Add the lengths and subtract 12 inches. That is the amount of length you can remove from your belt. Cut only ONE end of the belt. Remove the belt and measure from one end the amount that you are trimming. Use sharp sewing or heavy duty scissors to cut the excess belt length. Do NOT tear, use a utility knife or pocket knife. Using an inappropriate tool can cause the entire belt to unravel.