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Instructional Materials

DVD's and Handbooks

The following items are available from your instructor or at our store. Contact Us for more information. 

Instructional DVD through Green Belt

All of the forms required to move from white to green belt (Taegot 1 through Pinan 2)

Instructional DVD through Brown Belt:

All of the forms required from green to first grade brown belt (Pinan 3 through Nai Han Chi 2)

40th Anniversary DVD

Produced by 2 of our black belts for TKA’s 40th anniversary in 2005. Shows our black belts doing amazing martial arts in exams and past tournaments: a great presentation of what we are about, how we developed, and how far students can go with practice and determination.



Manuals are available with information for promotion from white to green belt, and then green through brown belt.  These manuals include descriptions of techniques and forms students need to know for each belt level as well as photographs and checklists where students can keep track of what they have learned and make notes for improvement.