Ring Directors

ERKC Ring Directors

Volunteers, called ring directors, are needed to help run this tournament. The volunteers help to make the tournament happen. Without them, the ERKC could not take place. Aside from helping to run the tournament, and getting a ring side seat, the entrance fee is waived for competitors serving as ring directors.

None of the tasks are complicated but you still need to attend one of the training sessions for ring directors. There are 2 scheduled; one at Wheaton Community Center on Monday, April 20 and one at Bauer Drive Community Center on Wednesday, April 22. Both classes will run from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. 

Friday Night Social

Ring directors gather at the site of the ERKC to help set up and get last minute instructions. You should arrive between 6:30 and 6:45 pm in the gym at the Physical Education Center on the Rockville campus of MontgomeryCollege. Ring directors will be organized into rings. If you’re a novice, you will be placed with an experienced ring director to help guide you. An abbreviated training course will be available for those who missed a regular training class or for those that need a refresher. In addition, ring directors will set up their rings. You will help to:

  • Set up judges’ chairs and ring directors’ desks
  • Use tape to identify boundaries of the ring
  • Obtain the necessary resources for your ring: collect envelope with papers, stop watches, clipboards, pens, calculators, etc.


At least one ring director from each ring needs to be in the gym by 8:45 am at the latest. Upon arrival, check in with Kim at the front desk to pick up your ring director badge. Don’t wear a full gi. Wear plain clothes or a regular shirt and gi bottoms. Bring a gym bag and prepare to keep all your gear at your ring. Bring water and “discreet” snacks to keep in your bag. The doors open for registration at 9:00 am.

General Duties

The following items will be covered in greater detail in your training. The list is provided here to give you some of the duties expected from a ring director.

  • Write down competitor’s names
  • Notify the front desk if an event has too few or too many competitors
  • Notify the front desk before starting an event
  • Call up competitors
  • Record and calculate scores for the non-fighting events; kata, one-step, and weapons.
  • For the fighting events, keep scores (chief refs are primarily responsible for this, but you are the back- up). Keep time.
  • Get trophies to give out to winners
  • Observe to see that rules are being followed by judges and competitors and contact front desk or TKA floor person if they are not
  • Smile, be pleasant, and enjoy the show.